The Cliff House that isn’t ……?

So with my new found ability to fly I stepped backwards off the Cliff House and flew out to get a better view and ……

… I don’t think we can refer to the Cliff House as a “Cliff House” any more as it seems to be floating in the air!

(So maybe we should be calling it “the floating house” from now on?)

and what do you know?  That Cliff that we maybe thought the Cliff House was on – could just be floating in the air as well?

No doubt this particular avenue of fun will be locked down pretty soon – so if you have access to a Mixed Reality headset right now then go fly and explore! (Warning – some of that stuff on the horizon gets pretty pixelated!)

How to fly:  Hold down the joystick at the center and then move “fly” in the direction of choice NB You might be unceremoniously dumped back to your starting point if you get too ambitious!)

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