Mixed Reality Headsets Acer vs HP vs 3Glasses

So I currently have all 3 of these headsets in front of me and thought I would give my own findings on how they compare.

Comfort / Convenience

The 3 Glasses with it’s more traditional approach to it’s strapping system is, while comfortable enough, my least favorite of the three to wear for any length of time.  I have come to the conclusion having tried various headsets that it is the “PSVR style” of fitting,  as has now been adopted by the majority of the Mixed Reality headsets, that is the most comfortable!  That said, the 3Glasses, with it’s built in headphones, does make it the most convenient of the three to just pick up and use without any fuss, while the other two both have the convenience of a “flip up” visor – just in case you have to spend the odd moment in the real world!

The HP and Acer were both comfortable enough but my personal preference was for the HP which just felt less restrictive – perhaps due to it having a larger facial compartment (for want of a better term).

NB Those who wear glasses will also find a little more room for them within the HP and 3Glasses headsets.

In terms of weight I decided to do my own non-scientific weigh-in.  Unsurprisingly the 3Glasses with it’s built in headphones wasn’t the lightest , but by such a small margin that I am tempted to claim it the victor (as it would almost certainly be the lightest in terms of overall head weight if the other two headsets were paired with full over ear headphones).


NB Someone pointed out that the HP might be weighing heavily as a result of the connector for the separate lead being included in the overall weight – as I say, this was not a weigh-in carried out under scientifically proven conditions!

Differentiating Factors

Putting cost and styling to one side for a moment I thought it might be useful to list the main things that make these headsets different from each other:

  • The Acer headset includes a magnetometer – making it able to discern a true compass direction.
  • The Acer came bundled with a free VR game “Ghostbusters”
  • The Acer comes with an additional Velcro facial padding.
  • The HP’s connectors are replaceable – something that might just give it the edge over the other headsets in terms of longevity.
  • The 3Glasses headset has a DisplayPort 1.3 connector that is common to desktop based systems.  This might be the reason for the increased brightness of the S1’s display (but makes it more of a headache to link to a Laptop for a mobile experience).
  • The 3Glasses supports up to 120Hz refresh whereas the Acer and HP are up to 90Hz
  • The 3Glasses has the addition of built in headphones
  • The 3Glasses has the addition of hardware based IPD adjustment (inter Pupillary Distance)
  • The 3Glasses facial padding is not easily removable (unlike the other two headsets which both allow for replacement)
  • The 3Glasses has the addition of a headset based “Windows Button”
  • The 3Glasses has it’s own separate tracking camera and does not support “inside out” tracking – out of the box is more suited to the user remaining in a largely static position (sitting or standing)
  • The 3Glasses controllers are rechargeable through their USB connectors (the Acer and HP require two standard AA batteries per controller).
  • The 3Glasses headset also supports it’s own bespoke environment as well as having support for Windows Mixed Reality.

In Use

The Acer and HP displays are less bright than the 3Glasses headset (which I believe is due to the 3Glasses use of a DisplayPort 1.2 connector instead of HDMI?).  I also found that while I had never noticed the screen door effect when using the 3Glasses when I first tried on the Acer I found it relatively easy to pick out the individual pixels once I went looking for them.  This may be as a result of the display being less bright and it is difficult to pin this finding down in any meaningful way but in any way I would re-iterate that these high(er) resolution displays are significantly better than the previous forerunners the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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