Mixed Reality – Spaceman Animated Hologram

This is one of around 50 or so holograms that currently reside in the Holograms App (you can see this app running in the background)

In case it isn’t obvious from the video here are the steps I took:

1. Selected the Hologram

2. Placed the Hologram

3. Ran the Hologram animation

4. Jumped to another position

5. Closed the Hologram

Mixed Reality – The Infinite Cliff House

This one really tests your GPU (and sorry to say that while video is on, mine fails badly!)

To try this yourself first make sure you have the Mixed Reality App running full screen on your desktop, then open the desktop App from within your headset, enlarge it and place suitably!

As you move around the desktop is updated as are the desktops within the desktop!

What happens when you run a full VR App?

So how does a full VR App manifest itself in Mixed Reality?  Well they can be run from within the Cliff House environment or if you prefer, from the normal Windows 10 environment – of course you will need a headset to take advantage of them:-

Here I am running the excellent Holotour app from Microsoft:

By the way that little menu at the end of the video allows you to choose your preferred input device for the tour 🙂