Mixed Reality goes “Tether Free”!

With the exception of the headset from Chinese Manufacturer 3Glasses all Mixed Reality Headsets support something called “inside out tracking” – which means there is no requirement for any external sensors of cameras in order for the headset to understand where you are in the real world (thereby tracking your movements in the real world within your virtual world).¬† This is a real step forward compared to existing systems like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift both of which require external sensors to do the same job.

But …..

You are still tied to your PC by an HDMI and USB cable so how can you be truly portable?

Images recently released suggest that the new laptop based Mixed Reality headsets can be “strapped to your back” should you wish to take your experience outside or just simply “anywhere in your house”

(Of course this isn’t mandatory – just a nice extra option to have should you feel so inclined).

In the picture released above you can see an HP Mixed Reality Headset coupled to one of the newly released “HP Omen” Mixed¬† Reality ready Laptops.

This kind of setup is ideal in high action games especially where there are multiple gamers linked together and playing within the same game space.



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