Mixed Reality – Where is my keyboard?

One of the first things I noticed when I first started in Mixed Reality was (surprise) I can see the controllers in the virtual world! Not only that but they animate  showing me (and advising me) how to use them.  Then,  when I put them down on the ground and have a chat with someone in the “real world”, “Visor up” I can see where I left them when I get back in the virtual world – Pretty Cool!

So putting gaming to one side for a moment there is currently some debate as to whether Mixed Reality, as it stands at the moment, can be used for what might be commonly referred to as “work”.  For me there are a number of things that need to be in place*, and then some “nice to haves” that would persuade me to work within the Mixed Reality Cliff House.  First and foremost of those necessities would be an option to “switch on my keyboard”.  So that I can find it and see what I am typing.  I would like an interactive keyboard that “lights up” each key I press within the virtual world – sure, I am going to fail a little because I can’t see my actual hands and fingers as I type but I suspect I will get used to that quite quickly (in the same way that a good pianist doesn’t need to look at the piano keyboard when they play).  And so my next keyboard should have this “visible in Mixed Reality” functionality built right in, as should my mouse – and once I get going I’m not going to be using those controllers for this kind of work (and in any case I only have one pair of hands).

So there you have it, I am formally requesting Microsoft (and their hardware partners) for a new set of hardware that is “visible in mixed reality”

  • And I have to say that having multiple screens of any size dotted around my virtual room was probably top of the list!

Addendum: You know what I might settle for in the short term? Some “visible in Mixed Reality” string  and/or tape that I can wrap around anything I want to find in there!



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